posted August 7th, 2013

Hippies, flower people: now is the time! Turn off, tune in, get your asses primed for this aid to self-knowledge, and free your body to access the unconscious mind! While you're at it, reject societal law, and free your mind to access that subconscious body-vessel! CAVE takes their rolling funk minimalism to the streets this fall in support of their new album, Threace, hitting locales big and small across the Midwest, West Coast and South, with harrowing stops at Cataracts Music Festival in Indianapolis, Cropped Out in Louisville, Seattle Psych Fest and Athens Intensified Fest to name but a fucking few. Wherein should you be if not within these be-ins? CAVE go out of their way to provide keys to the closed doors of the mind – that higher, meditative place in the expansive universe.

Like, take this nearly instructional take on how kids are consuming CAVE these days - on the surface, if your mind maintains remnant-ed rough angles mostly identifiable as a square, perhaps you're intimidated by the sounds and sights on display. But fear not - the gateway is soft-lit and mellow, providing an excellent entry point for the many beneficial uses their latest, Threace, has to offer, both physiological and meta-physical. It's your place in time, this world in which we live, and Threace is the new enabler of ultimate biofeedback: back to basics, for a new way of living. Don't believe researchers' warnings when they say Threace is dangerous- at least, not without trying it for yourself, first! Come one, come all: give Threace a chance! Threace hits the streets on October 15th, but for those ready for to ride, CAVE's induced tour begins sooner!

8/23/13 Foam City Lafayette IN
8/24/13 Cataracts Festival Indianapolis IN
8/25/13 Traysh Island (Harold Arts) Chesterhill OH
9/20/13 Hideout Chicago IL
9/27/13 Magnetic South Bloomington IN
9/28/13 Cropped Out Festival Louisville KY
10/4/13 Riverwest Public House Milwaukee WI w/ Catacombs, Dogs in Ecstasy
10/6/13 The Belmore Minneapolis MN w/ Tal National
10/8/13 VFW Missoula MT w/ Tjutjuna
10/9/13 Northern Olympia WA
10/10/13 The Shakedown Bellingham WA
10/11/13 Seattle Psych Fest Seattle WA
10/12/13 Dante's Portland OR
10/13/13 The Old Whiteaker Firehouse Eugene OR w/ JLS, Lady Paw
10/14/13 The Ink Annex Eureka CA w/ Ensemble Economique, Super Brown
10/15/13 Bows & Arrows Sacramento CA
10/16/13 Elbo Room San Francisco CA w/ Quintron, zZz, The Vinyl Avenger (DJ set)
10/17/13 LCM Oakland CA w/ Less Ness, Skate Laws
10/20/13 Solar Culture Tucson AZ
10/21/13 Padre's Marfa TX w/ Horse Lords
10/22/13 Hotel Vegas Austin TX
10/23/13 Mango's Houston TX w/ Bastard Cult, Subsonic Voices
10/24/13 Siberia New Orleans LA w/ Babes, Birthstone, Rotten Milk
10/25/13 The Bottletree Birmingham AL
10/26/13 Caledonia Lounge Athens GA Athens Intensified Fest
10/27/13 The Mothlight Asheville NC w/ Nest Egg
10/28/13 Black Cat Burrito Boone NC
11/8/13 Trumpet Blossom Cafe Iowa City IA

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