posted June 6th, 2014

Bitchin Bajas have been around the world in five years; chasing sonics through space and time, recklessly consuming processes in order to realize their own works and coming up with a diverse lot of conclusions along their path to their singular goal - the shared experience of aural epiphany, the total peace of true unknowing. That's all fine, but in August, the all-new NEXT Bitchin Bajas album after 2013's  trance-tronic Bitchitronics LP/CS will employ four LP sides to attain a 76-minute sequence of PERFECT FLOW, starting in an acoustic setting and moving through synthetic pastures; tonalities moving from east to west and back again; into the great outdoors via field recordings, and back over the horizon from day to night in fluid, delicate motions, washing your consciousness gently yet definitively. This is the purest Bitchin Bajas statement and therefore will be self-titled. Bitchin Bajas is their soul - combining their basic organ, analogue synth and woodwinds with a new set of instrumental sounds and utitizing a 1" 8-track machine to it's fullest extent.

Bitchin Bajas is climate-controlled comprehension - on one hand, an ultimate album, and on the other, barely even an album at all.

And of course there'll be shows! There's a few listed here already - in all the most OBSCURE places - but shows'll come and go. Bitchin Bajas is forever!