Rudolph Wurlitzer

Slow Fade

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  1. Slow Fade Audio Book 6:25:00

About this product

Bonny reads Rudy! Sung and unsung heroes sink in the sunset in this 1984 novel. Until we put the print edition out this summer, you got to listen!

Read by Will Oldham with D.V. DeVincentis.

"The story alternates between [Wesley] Hardin in Santa Fe, Mexico, and New York shooting a last-stand Western until the producer blows the whistle and shuts off the funds, generating a cinéma verity chronicle of his own life — and A.D. and Walker writing their script on the road, so that each movement in the present is complemented by an additional piece of the past uncovered. Apart from generating a respectable amount of plot suspense, this narrative counterpoint allows Wurlitzer to pursue a satirical bent as he charts both fantasy trips, which becomes a contrast between the spiritual excesses of two generations: Yosemite Sam and Mr. Natural, each on a suicide mission." —Jonathan Rosenbaum