posted May 28th, 2010

Today marks a very special day. What with all the flooding, mayors urinating in public in an effort for CNN to take notice, and houses falling apart, the people of Nashville need something to look forward to. That something can be found this very evening at The Belcourt Theater as Trash Humpers makes it's 3rd premiere across this rotten land of ours. This opening of Trash Humpers will not be an ordinary experience, Harmony Korine will be at the show along with his crew of geriatric pervs. There might even be some live music. Who knows unless you go and find out? AND THIS JUST IN! You might also want to pick yourself up the latest copy of Nashville Scene. The kind folks over at the paper, invited the cast to come to the office for a photo shoot. They took a short video of one Trash Humper, but had to turn it off because he fornicated all over the copy machine. You can watch the whole thing here


5/28/10 Nashville @ Belcourt Theatre

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