Brother JT3

Brother JT3 - credit: April Bartholomew

April Bartholomew

Brother JT3

Jelly Roll Gospel

All troubles melt away when confronted by this genre-hopping blowtorch of a record. And I do mean record as this is LP-only! Warmth like this can't be contained on tiny…


Title Format Cat # Date
Jelly Roll Gospel LP/MP3/FLAC DC374 2008
Third Ear Candy CD Birdman 2007
Off Blue CD Birdman 2004
Hang In There, Baby CD/MP3/FLAC DC254 2003
Spirituals LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC219 2002
Maybe We Should Take Some More? CD Birdman 2001
Way To Go LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC176 1999
Take Off, Zebra, Baby (Music for Non-Existant Films Vol.1) 10" EP Apartment 1999
Dosed and Confused CD Bedlam 1998
Come On Down CD Drunken Fish 1997
Doomsday Rock CD Siltbreeze 1997
Rainy Day Fun CD Drunken Fish 1996
Music for the Other Head LP/CD Siltbreeze 1996
Holy Ghost Stories LP Bedlam 1994
Vibrolux LP Bedlam 1994
Meshes of the Afternoon LP Twisted Village 1992
Descent LP Twisted Village