Edith Frost

Edith Frost - credit: Eric Ziegenhagen

Eric Ziegenhagen


Title Format Cat # Date
"Little Sign" MP3 Single/FLAC Single DC832 2020
Nothing Comes Around MP3/FLAC DC796 2020
It's a Game LP/CD/FLAC/MP3 DC301 2005
Lead vocals on "Haiku 11" (on Sigmatropic "Could That Be the Voice?") 12" Single Tongue Masters 2004
Lead vocals on "Haiku 8" (on Sigmatropic - 16 Haiku and Other Stories) CD Tongue Masters 2003
Backing vocals (on the Mekons - OOOH!) LP/CD Quarterstick 2002
Wonder Wonder LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC209 2001
"Ancestors" & "Cold and On My Mind" (on Shanti Project Collection 2) LP/CD Badman 2000
Backing vocals (on the Mekons - Journey to the End of the Night) LP/CD Quarterstick 2000
Love Is Real CD5/MP3/FLAC DC172 1999
Vocals on various tracks by Songs:Ohia (on Axxess and Ace) LP/CD Secretly Canadian 1999
Telescopic LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC150 1998
"Who" (w/ Boxhead Ensemble on The Last Place to Go bonus CD) LP/CD Atavistic 1998
"My Window Faces the South" (with Pine Valley Cosmonauts on PVC Salute the Majesty of Bob Wills) CD Bloodshot 1998
Calling Over Time LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC89 1997
"Ancestors" 7"/CD5 Trade2 1997
Edith Frost CDEP/2x7"/MP3/FLAC DC78 1996