Dirty Three

Dirty Three - credit: Annabel Mehran

Annabel Mehran

Dirty Three

Love Changes Everything

Dirty Three Ahoy! Appropriately disheveled, the Three emerge from the unending waves of time to pick up their guitar drum and viola/violin/piano/synthesizer/loops/percussion for their first album in a decade. Their…


Title Format Cat # Date
Love Changes Everything LP/LP Color/CD/Cass/MP3/FLAC DC918 2024
Toward the Low Sun LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC511 2012
Cinder LP/CD Touch & Go 2005
Live! At Meredith CD Anchor & Hope 2005
She Has No Strings Apollo LP/CD Touch & Go 2003
Whatever You Love, You Are LP/CD Touch & Go 2000
Ocean Songs LP/CD Touch & Go 1998
Horse Stories LP/CD Touch & Go 1996
Dirty Three CD/LP Touch & Go 1995