Scout Niblett

Scout Niblett - credit: Devin Ludwig

Devin Ludwig

Scout Niblett

It's Up To Emma

The shout of Scout echoes across the dark and shimmering water, taking the form of a thunderstorm, a puddle, a woman reaching out, to find for herself what's it all…


Title Format Cat # Date
It's Up To Emma LP/CD/FLAC/MP3 DC532 2013
No More Nasty Scrubs 7"/MP3/FLAC DC541 2012
"The Calcination of Scout Niblett" CD-R DC424X 2010
The Calcination of Scout Niblett LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC424 2010
"It's Time My Beloved" 7"/MP3/FLAC DC405 2009
This Fool Can Die Now LP/CD Too Pure 2007
Kidnapped By Neptune LP/CD Too Pure 2005
I Am LP/CD Secretly Canadian 2003
I Conjure Series CDEP Secretly Canadian 2002
Sweetheart Fever CD Secretly Canadian 2001