Make Up - credit: Pat Graham

Pat Graham

Make Up

Untouchable Sound

Scream and shake along with Ian Svenonius and the rest of what would branch off to become Weird War, Scene Creamers, and French Toast in this rediscovered live experience from…


Title Format Cat # Date
Untouchable Sound LP/CD/MP3/FLAC SN13 2006
"When Love Calls Yr Name" (on Harpsichord compilation) CD S.H.A.D.O 2000
I Want Some 2xLP/CD K Records 2000
"Every Baby Cries the Same" 12"EP Slowdime 1999
"Born on the Floor" 7" K Records 1999
"Rough Riders" (Pastels remix on Illuminati) CD Geographic 1999
Save Yourself LP/CD K Records 1999
"I Want Some" 7" Giant Claw 1998
"U R My Intended" 7" K Records 1998
"POW! To the People" 7" Southern 1998
"Wade in the Water" 7" All City 1998
"Hanging Out in Someone Else's World" (on Selector Dub Narcotic compilation) LP/CD K Records 1998
In Mass Mind LP/CD Dischord 1998
Blue is Beautiful (directed by James Schneider) VHS Dischord 1997
"I Want Some" 7" Slowdime 1997
"Untouchable Sound" 7" Woo Me 1997
"Free Arthur Lee" 7" K Records 1997
Sound Verité LP/CD K Records 1996
After Dark LP/CD Dischord 1996
"Substance Abuse" 7" Time Bomb 1996
Destination: Love / Live at Cold Rice LP/CD Dischord 1995
"We're Having a Baby" (on Chicken Bomb compilation) CD Lumpen 1995
"We're Having a Baby" 7" Time Bomb 1995
"Trans-Pleasant Express" 7" Black Gemini 1995
"Blue is Beautiful" 7" Black Gemini 1995
"R U A Believer" 7" K Records 1995