Magik Markers

Magik Markers - credit: Art-Utility


Magik Markers


Here we are in 2020, exploding like a dream. Processing today’s numbed nation, considering mysteries of growing up and being older (like a memory of the future from your youth…


Title Format Cat # Date
2020 LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC687 2020
Isolated from Exterior Time: 2020 MP3/FLAC DC802 2020
Surrender to the Fantasy LP/CD/USB/MP3/FLAC DC482 2013
"Vinyl Fantasy" LP Bundle Bundle DC482XLP 2013
"Surrender to the Fanta-CD" Bundle Bundle DC482XCD 2013
"Ice Skater" 7"/MP3/FLAC DC573 2013
Balf Quarry LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC376 2009
"Bored Fortress" (split w/ Vampire Belt) 7" Not Not Fun 2008
Danau Blues CD Arbitrary Signs 2008
For Mary Meyer, the Blind Bear of the Dustbowl CD Arbitrary Signs 2008
Pwtre Ser CD Arbitrary Signs 2008
Gucci Rapidshare Download CD 3 Lobed 2008
Redux aka The Real McCoy CD Arbitrary Signs 2007
Boss LP/CD Arbitrary Signs/Ecstatic Peace 2007
M/M/D/C/ CD Arbitrary Signs 2007
Magik Markers LP Spring Press 2007
Castel Franco Veneto Zagreb Super Report CD Arbitrary Signs 2007
Last of the retsin - You Can't Fuck a Clock / Here Lies the Last of the Redstone CD Arbitrary Signs 2007
Black & Blue CD Arbitrary Signs 2006
Voldoror Dance CD Latitudes 2006
A Panegyric to the Things I Do Not Understand CD Gulcher Records 2006
Road Pussy CD Arbitrary Signs 2006
If It's a Ford It Sux CD Arbitrary Signs 2006
Don and Phil CD Arbitrary Signs 2006
For Sada Jane CD Textile Records 2006
Inverted Belgium LP Hospital Prod. 2006
Nxcxhxcx vol. 1 LP no label 2005
Feel the Crayon CD/LP Apostasy/Arbitrary Signs/No... 2005
I Trust My Guitar, Etc. LP Ecstatic Peace 2005
Tale of the Whale CD no label 2005
Live Summer 2004 CD Arbitrary Signs 2004
Live in Ashville CD Slippy Town 2004
Live '03 CD Arbitrary Signs 2004
Blues for Randy Sutherland CD Arbitrary Signs 2004
In The East CD Imvated 2004
Book as Symbol of 8 Precious Things - Hand of the Creator CD Arbitrary Signs 2003
Mystery City CD Arbitrary Signs 2002
Beep Beep CD Arbitrary Signs 2002