Royal Trux

Royal Trux - credit: Detail from Twin Infinitives gatefold

Detail from Twin Infinitives gatefold


Title Format Cat # Date
Platinum Tips + Ice Cream LP/Cass/CD/MP3/FLAC DC647 2017
EPs R Trux Vinyl Bundle Bundle DC154/DC185 LP 2014
EPs R Trux CDEP Bundle Bundle DC154/DC185 CD 2014
Mad Dogs and Veterans LP Bundle Bundle DC168XLP1 2013
Mad Dogs and Veterans CD Bundle Bundle DC168XCD1 2013
Accelerator of Disorder LP Bundle Bundle DC168XLP2 2013
Accelerator of Disorder CD Bundle Bundle DC168XCD2 2013
Hand of Glory LP/CD DC217 2002
Pound For Pound LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC188 2000
The Radio Video EP 12"EP/CDEP/MP3/FLAC DC185 2000
Veterans of Disorder LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC168 1999
"Waterpark" b/w "The New New Bones" & "Old Yank" (CD, 7" with "Waterpark" version) 7"/CDEP Domino 1999
3-Song EP 12"EP/CDEP/MP3/FLAC DC154 1998
Accelerator LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC145 1998
"Liar" b/w "Money for Nothing" 7"/CD5 Domino 1998
"I'm Ready" b/w "P.T.20" & "Mr. Crump Don't Like It" 7" Domino 1998
Singles, Live, Unreleased 3xLP/2xCD/MP3/FLAC DC93 1997
Sweet Sixteen CD Virgin 1996
Thank You LP DC66 1995
"You're Gonna Lose" & "Hibiscus" (live), "Hot & Cold Skulls" (live) 7"/CD5 Hut (UK) 1995
"Ray O Vac" (M. Jordan remix) CD5 Virgin 1995
Mercury 7" DC42 1994
"Chairman Blow" b/w "Sincerely Yours, Confused" 7" Electroacoustic 1994
Back to School 7" DC35 1993
Cats and Dogs LP/Cass/CD/MP3/FLAC DC32 1993
Dogs of Love (UK) EP 12"EP/CDEP Domino 1993
Untitled (3rd LP) LP/CD/MP3/FLAC/Cass DC10 1992
Red Tiger 7" DC21 1992
What Is Royal Trux? VHS DC7 1992
Steal Yr Face 7" DC23 1992
Twin Infinitives 2xLP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC3 1990
Hero Zero 7" DC1 1990
Royal Trux LP/CD/Cass DC5 1988