Baby Dee - credit: Jim Newberry

Jim Newberry

Baby Dee

Regifted Light

A girl, a bloody-nosed guy, and a really grand piano, chamber-rocking the house with their close friends, Mr. Bassoon, Mr. Sousaphone, Mr Glockenspiel and Mr. Cello. This recital includes a…


Title Format Cat # Date
Regifted Light LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC462 2011
A Book of Songs For Anne Marie LP/CD DC432 2010
Safe Inside The Day LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC351 2008
The Robin's Song CDEP DCDEE 2008
Baby Dee & John Contreras (live) LP Brag 2008
The Robin's Tiny Throat (compiling the 2 Durtro albums) 2xCD Durtro 2007
Live in Turin CD PRE Recordings 2006
"Made for Love" CDEP Dutro Jnana 2005
Love's Small Song 2xCD Durtro 2002
"Baby Dee" CDEP Durtro 2001
A Book of Songs for Anne Marie CD Durtro 2000
Little Window CD Durtro 2000