U.S. Maple

U.S. Maple - credit: Todd Rittmann

Todd Rittmann

U.S. Maple

Purple On Time

Rock. It's still angular, rubbery and twitchy, but this fifth full-length contains their most straight-up Rock 'n Roll since their debut. The LP is 180-gram DELUXE with a die-cut sleeve…


Title Format Cat # Date
Purple On Time LP/CD/MP3 DC250 2003
Acre Thrills LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC208 2001
Talker LP/CD/MP3 DC164 1999
Sang Phat Editor LP/CD Skin Graft 1997
"The Wanderer" CD5 Sonic Bubblegum 1996
Long Hair in Three Stages LP/CD Skin Graft 1995
"Stuck" b/w "When a Man Says Ow!" 7" Skin Graft 1995