No Age - credit: Photo by Benjamin Clark

Photo by Benjamin Clark

No Age

People Helping People

No Age’s ethos sings to us from beyond the clouds, with words and without, a conceptual boost to everyone helping everyone. Ensconced in Randy’s Garage without a clock…


Title Format Cat # Date
People Helping People LP/CD/Cass/MP3/FLAC DC856 2022
Goons Be Gone LP/CD/Cass/MP3/FLAC DC767 2020
Snares Like a Haircut LP/CD/Cass/MP3/FLAC DC694 2018
"Separation" b/w "To Serf" 7" Self-released 2016
"Barely Mixed, No Master" CD-R Self-released 2015
"Re-imagined An Object" 12"EP The Thing Quarterly 2014
"Untitled Green Tape" Cass Self-released 2013
An Object LP/CD Sub Pop 2013
Collage Culture 12"EP Post Present Medium 2012
Slow Gag - Live in Glasgow 9 October 2010 Cass Rude Fans 2011
"Glitter" 7"/12" Single Sub Pop 2010
"Bored Fortress" (split w/Infinite Body) 7" EP Not Not Fun 2010
Everything In Between LP/CD Sub Pop 2010
Losing Feeling 12"EP Sub Pop 2009
"Teen Creeps" 7" Sub Pop 2008
"Eraser" 7" EP Sub Pop 2008
Nouns CD/LP Sub Pop 2008
Goat Hurt 10" EP Self-released 2008
Flannel Graduate CD-R Self-released 2008
Weirdo Rippers LP/CD FatCat 2007
"Secret City/' / /'Brett Schultz Himself" (split w/Abe Vigoda) Cass Death Bomb Arc 2007
Dead Plane 12"EP Teenage Teardrops 2007
Get Hurt 12"EP Upset the Rhythm 2007
"PPM" 7" Post Present Medium 2007
"Neck Escaper" 7" EP Youth Attack 2007
Sick People are Safe 12"EP Deleted Art 2007
DVD-R No. 1 DVD-R Self-released 2006