RTX - credit: Dan Monick

Dan Monick


"Vampyre Love"

Be forewarned, this version of Pentagram's Vampyre Love is like seeing your girlfriend with her cock out. RTX is tough as hell with Jennifer's bong-whiskey drenched, thrashed out vox and…


Title Format Cat # Date
"Vampyre Love" 7" OLR042 2010
"Nature's Way" (split w/Primal Scream) 12" Single White Noise 2009
J.J. Got Live RaTX LP/CD DC353 2008
"Badstreet USA" (split with Monotonix) 7" Volcom 2008
RaTX LP/CD DC331 2007
Speed To Roam CD5 DC286 2005
Transmaniacon LP/CD DC271 2004