The Lowbrow Reader

The Lowbrow Reader - credit: Drawing by David Berman

Drawing by David Berman

The Lowbrow Reader

The Lowbrow Reader Reader

Softcover book, 297pp

The Lowbrow Reader Reader is the first book from The Lowbrow Reader, the New York comedy zine. Edited by Jay Ruttenberg, it gathers together the…


Title Format Cat # Date
The Lowbrow Reader Reader PB Book/PDF DC499 2012


The Lowbrow Reader is a lushly illustrated New York City comedy journal founded by Jay Ruttenberg in 2001. Its eight issues have featured contributions from David Berman (Silver Jews), Shelley Berman (no relation), Neil Michael Hagerty (The Howling Hex), Lee Hazlewood, Gilbert Rogin, and other kind souls moonlighting from the hallowed worlds of rock music, fiction, journalism, cartooning, and television. Each issue is designed by Matthew Berube and features on its cover an illustration by John Mathias depicting a man or woman at a toilet or urinal.