DMBQ - credit: Photo by Naohiro Kurashina / L-R: Wada, Maki, Masuko

Photo by Naohiro Kurashina / L-R: Wada, Maki, Masuko



"There is no band like DMBQ. They are unique destroyers of sound, and lovers of sonic beauty, existing in the places between. Masters of harsh tone and psychotic rhythm.…


Title Format Cat # Date
Keeenly 2xLP/MP3/FLAC God015 2018
The Essential Sounds from the Far East LP/CD Estrus Records 2005
DMBQ Vs Hysteric Glamour LP/CD Avex Trax 2004
Esoteric Black Hair CD Fake Chapter Records 2004
The Cold One CDEP Avex Trax 2003
Phalanges CDEP Nanophonica 2002
Resonated LP/CD Nanophonica 2002
DMBQ CD Avex Trax 2002
Annular Music CD Rice Tone 2001
Jinni LP/CD Rice Tone 2000
I Know Your Sweet CD Rice Tone 1999
Fable of the ThinnerLemon CD Nanophonica 1998
COG CD ¡Por Supuesto! Records 1997
EXP CD Less Than TV 1996
Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet CD Less Than TV 1995
Sonic Distortion CD Sauce Record 1991