Half Japanese

Half Japanese - credit: Photo by John Dreyfuss & David Fair

Photo by John Dreyfuss & David Fair

Half Japanese

Loud and Horrible

Reissues of some classic crank from the eighties, Jad Fair style.


Title Format Cat # Date
Loud and Horrible CD DC270 2004
Sing No Evil CD DC173 2000
Our Solar System CD DC174 2000
Heaven Sent CD Trance Syndicate 1998
Bone Head LP/CD Alternative Tentacles 1997
Jad and David Fair: Best Friends LP Vesuvius 1996
Hot LP/CD Safe House 1995
Greatest Hits 3xLP/2xCD Safe House 1995
Best of Half Japanese Vol 2 CD Time Bomb 1995
BOO! Live in Europe CD T.E.C. Tones 1994
Best of Half Japanese CD Time Bomb 1993
"Real Cool Time" (split w/ Don Fleming) 10" EP Overzealous 1992
Live in Prague 7" EP Erl 1992
"Everybody Knows" CD5 Seminal Twang 1991
Fire in the Sky LP/CD Safe House 1991
We Are They Who Ache With Amorous Love LP/CD T.E.C. Tones 1990
"XXOO" 7" Fan Club 1990
The Band That Would Be King LP/CD 50 Skidillion Watts 1989
Big Big Sun (split w/ Velvet Monkeys) Cass K Records 1988
Charmed Life LP/Cass/CD 50 Skidillion Watts 1988
"U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums" 7" 50 Skidillion Watts 1988
Music to Strip By LP 50 Skidillion Watts 1987
"How Will I Know" 7" Press 1982
Horrible 12"EP Press 1982
"Spy" 7" Armageddon 1981
Loud LP Armageddon 1980
Half Alive Cass 50 Skidillion Watts 1979
1/2 Gentlemen / Not Beasts 3xLP/2xCD Armageddon/T.E.C. Tones 1979
"No Mono / No No" 7" EP 50 Skidillion Watts 1978
"Calling All Girls" 7" EP 50 Skidillion Watts 1977