Appendix Out

Appendix Out - credit: Rhyan Thompson

Rhyan Thompson

Appendix Out

The Night Is Advancing

3rd full-length release, produced by Rian Murphy & Sean O'Hagan. Fragile and haunting. Buy it for yourself, and a few loved ones...


The Night Is Advancing is a transformational…


Title Format Cat # Date
"Frontwards" (on "Everything is Ending Here: A Tribute to Pavement") 2xCD Homesleep 2003
The Night Is Advancing LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC189 2001
Daylight Saving LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC152 1999
"Lieder fur Kaspar Hauser" 7" AOKH7R 1999
2 songs (split 7" with The Mongers) 7" Galvani Records 1998
"Lassie, Lie Near Me" (split 7" with Police Cat) 7" Creeping Bent 1998
4 songs on split 7" with Songs:Ohia 7" EP Liquefaction Empire 1998
The Rye Bears A Poison LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC126 1997
"The Actuation Riddle", "Fingernail Moon" & "On the Astroturf Factory Tannoy" on An Evening in the Company of the Vespertine CD Vespertine 1997
"Well-Lit Tonight" (split 7" w/The Leopards) 7" Creeping Bent 1997
Ice Age 7" PR10 1996
4 songs on 4 x 4 compilation LP Up Records 1996