Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates - credit: Brute, Mickey, & Wane in front of Heating Unit

Brute, Mickey, & Wane in front of Heating Unit

Box of Chocolates

Fearful Symmetry

Attention all under-rock-dwellers; the physical release of this record has been delayed due to the current pandemic (look out your window/cave entrance!). As this music is (incorrectly-labelled) government-mandated 'non-essential' contraband,


Title Format Cat # Date
Fearful Symmetry LP/MP3/FLAC DC748 2020


Fearful Symmetry started off as a Christmas present for their elders and ended up an early foray in the lo-fi movement. Box of Chocolates hailed from the question-filled atmosphere of U.S. 80s–90s and spawned from the art-ghetto of Dumbo in NYC. A collective rooted in filmmaking, they nonetheless were drawn to guitars and drums and anything else they could find for music making purposes. Contributors include a future ethnomusicologist, a 2019 Tony Award Winner, an important member of early Phish Mythology, a Honduran immigrant and the 'Prince' of Palace Music, among many other talented lost souls.