The Silence

The Silence - credit: Photo: Kazuyuki Funaki

Photo: Kazuyuki Funaki

The Silence

Metaphysical Feedback

Conjuring potent spirits from the classic rock era, The Silence play for today with righteous purity, pushing past norms to kiss the ecstasy of a kaleidoscopically open mindset with their…


Title Format Cat # Date
Metaphysical Feedback LP/MP3/FLAC DC692 2019
Nine Suns, One Morning LP+7"/CD/MP3/FLAC DC650 2016
Hark The Silence 2xLP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC619 2015
The Silence LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC615 2015


The Silence:
Masaki Batoh: Guitar and Vocal,  ex: Ghost
Futoshi Okano: Drums, ex: Ghost, Subvert Blaze
Ryuichi Yoshida: Baritone Saxophone and Flute
Taiga Yamazaki: Bass and Vocal