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posted November 18th, 2021

Sonescent, the new album from Matchess, came to Whitney Johnson’s mind while she was at the Dhamma Vhadanna Meditation Center just north of Joshua Tree, during a course of Vipassana meditation. This is a ten day period that requires, among other codes of discipline, the practice of Noble Silence: silence of body, speech, and mind.
In the past decade, the music of Matchess has spanned outer and inner space, seeking the unseen world that exists behind the world that we see everyday.... (read more)

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posted November 15th, 2021

The Intimate Landscape has arrived, stretching from the far horizon into our very mind! This latest entry in the hallowed KPM music series is simply beautiful music, humbly drawing together essences of folk, ambient and soundtrack music (check the visualizer for "Second Moon" as proof!). The Intimate Landscape is Ben Chasny's first solo outing under his own name, but he's been releasing music under the moniker Six Organs of Admittance for nearly 25 years -it's his main jam, to say the least! Therefore, poised to... (read more)

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posted November 10th, 2021

Mess Esque was born, like so much of us, in the percussive impact of a big bang! In this case, it was a hoped-for collision of two musical comets - Helen Franzmann and Mick Turner - who've long cut individual paths through the empyrean sea that surrounds our worlds. Their courses were subtly altered when Mick sought a singer to collaborate with on new material. In this new combustion, Helen and Mick direct intuitions and meditations from the remote confines of their individual selves into a greater mass, one... (read more)

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Friedrich Kunath's Songs Build Little Rooms in Time Book Now Available

posted November 9th, 2021

An artists’ book born of an ongoing collaboration between Friedrich Kunath and the late musician, writer, and friend David Berman. Published on the occasion of Kunath’s 2019 exhibition at Soccer Club Club, Chicago, IL, presented by Blum & Poe in partnership with Drag City. Designed by longtime mutual friend and collaborator Michael Schmelling.

Hardcover; 48 pages
Edition of 1000
Published by Blum & Poe and Drag City

Special edition of 50 with hand-painted paper-wrapped slipcases by Friedrich Kunath, $150, coming soon.

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