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posted March 20th, 2023

Cum gather 'round and feel the noize, folks - there's a hot new Cory Hanson solo album on the horizon!

With Western Cum, our debauched and shameless world is redeemed in the same breath as it is repudiated. A massing of guitars, guitars, guitars and voices form post-gospel harmony, with a panoply of melodic impulses within, bright and burgeoning. The second single, "Twins", is now among you! Establishing a peaceful easy feeling up front, it delves deep and sails high when the... (read more)

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posted March 15th, 2023

The Forest In Me, the forthcoming LP from Xylouris White, is actually the work of a musical triumvirate: Giorgos Xylouris and Jim White, of course, as well as their long-time producer, Guy Picciotto. Recorded in isolation in 2020, the trio conjured cinematic sounds while physically remote from each other, yet these songs were constructed with a unique psychic connection unbound by location. Giorgos recalls “...every note, every phrase, every instrument came from in and around our inner forests. No spoken... (read more)

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posted March 14th, 2023

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Matt Espy spent his youth playing every genre of music he could find, starting out in clubs at age 14 and launching his touring career at 18. He moved to Chicago in 1996 and continued his journey drumming and performing rock, avant-garde, jazz, and performance art pieces. Over the past decade, he’s found his home with Dead Rider, also on Drag City.

Hawksworth is Matt’s first solo adventure. In the field of solo drumming albums, it’s an avian psychedelic... (read more)

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posted March 13th, 2023

Alasdair Roberts' new album, Grief in the Kitchen and Mirth in the Hall, serves to highlight the intersection of the mythic, the eternal and the mundane at which we all find ourselves. The latest pre-release peek is here: "The Bonny Moorhen", a Jacobite-era allegorical song that was originally heard by Alasdair from an anonymous recording, made at the 1985 Orkney Folk Festival.

"The Bonny Moorhen" is a fond paean to a waterbird whose regal profile compares to none other than Bonnie Prince... (read more)

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