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posted May 23rd, 2023

The western themes of Cory Hanson's previous album, Pale Horse Rider, carry on in the form of his electric backing band, Slowhand. The quartet’s sound — two guitars, bass and drums — acts as a beat-making principle, as well as template for Cory’s layers of six-string and vocal textures. The band highlight a gnarled, proggy pulse to harness new sounds and directions for Cory to travel.

Each preview of Western Cum thrusts Cory's sharpened musical focus into a comprehensive vision. The latest single has... (read more)

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posted May 22nd, 2023

People, let’s us talk about an album. Bonnie Prince Billy has made a number of them, and heard a bunch more in his time of knowing. He’s found them hewn from moments, admired them as small and accountable – the communication of music in emotion, release and catharsis, to edify, to entertain, in two sides and less than an hour.

Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You presents simply – an album made as it was meant to be heard, in a room. The sound... (read more)

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posted May 9th, 2023

Originally commissioned by the legendary KPM music library, Emil Amos' Zone Black presents a new kind of library music.

While deeply inspired by 1970's television themes, Emil (Grails, drummer of OM and podcaster supreme) carves out a much more personal interpretation of “music for television” with Zone Black. Taking classic pieces that he grew up with (like the “Lonely Man Theme,” from the original Hulk TV series) as a starting point, he imagined an alternate reality where composers explored... (read more)

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posted May 3rd, 2023

In addition to his day job transforming pop music with music, as well as his collaborations with others over the past few decades, did you know that Jim O’Rourke has been contracted for several dozen film scores over the years?

Sure he has! It makes sense too – his abilities as an improviser, composer and producer allow him to interpret cinematic moments with a unique understanding for the construction of moments, and how they work. What doesn’t make sense is how Hands That... (read more)

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