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posted October 3rd, 2023

Xylouris White, the collaborative duo of Cretan singer and laouto player Georgios Xylouris and Australian drummer Jim White, are making music for the entire world. Their method is simple - just play there! Over the past decade, they've embarked upon countless tours across the world, finding people everywhere who have responded to their music. Following the release earlier this year of The Forest In MeXylouris White are on the road again this November with dates dotted across the US, Australia and... (read more)

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posted October 2nd, 2023

Cory Hanson embarks on an enchanting tour later this month in support of his third solo outing, Western Cum. Kicking it off with two dates in Texas, Cory (with backing band Slowhand in tow) hit the road with axes blazing! Get ready to boogie.

In anticipation of this string of dates, Cory reveals the unreleased title track from his Western Cum album. Like gold from a dreamy mine of yore, "Western Cum" must roam its own solitary path for all the folks back home.... (read more)

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Neil Hamburger Objects To Disorderly Hotel Guests!

posted September 27th, 2023

Neil Hamburger presents a new work from the songwriting team of Gregg Turkington and Erik PaparozziSeasonal Depression Suite is an album-based musical, sung by an all-star cast whose voices embody various guests stuck in a perfectly average chain-hotel, wallowing in self-pity and paranoia, re-living personal catastrophes both real and imagined, or simply trying to use the hotel vending machine. Expert music played by an all-star band, to boot!

On the latest single, "Sleeping For Free", the distractions of hotel life are clearly and... (read more)

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posted September 25th, 2023

Crack open your morning with a fresh pile of eggs and a new song and video from Ty Segall!

On his new single, Ty Segall’s finger is pointed strictly into the mirror.Ty’s the Eggman.  Like Bowie’s “Fame” twisted from winking plaint into wide-eyed repulsion, “Eggman” dances to a relentless, swerving beat with queasy, staggering horror, and sprays of zygotic guitar juice. Whatever doesn’t get eaten – or won’t stay down – is descended upon by buzzing maggots of noise.

... (read more)

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