Major Stars

Major Stars - credit: Photo by Tim Bugbee

Photo by Tim Bugbee

Major Stars

Roots of Confusion Seeds of Joy

Wherefore our Roots of Confusion Seeds of Joy? It's like asking who has seen the wind: mindblowing, but pointless. Major Stars light the psychedelic guitar rock universe one tightly…


Title Format Cat # Date
Roots of Confusion Seeds of Joy LP/MP3/FLAC DC750 2019
Motion Set LP/MP3/FLAC DC660 2016
Decibels of Gratitude LP/CD Twisted Village / Important 2012
Return To Form LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC418 2010
Mirror/Messenger LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC355 2007
"Portable Freak Factory" 7" Important 2007
Syntoptikon LP/CD Twisted Village/Important 2006
"Black Road" 7" Twisted Village 2005
4 LP/CD Twisted Village 2005
Live in Europa (split with Comets on Fire) LP Plastic 2003
Distant Effects LP/CD Squealer 2002
Space/Time LP/CD Twisted Village 1999
The Rock Revival LP/CD Twisted Village 1998
"Rock Sounds of People" 12"EP Twisted Village 1997