J.T. IV - credit: Photographer unknown

Photographer unknown


The Future

Barely-heard in his lifetime (1961–2002) but hailed as an outsider hero of ur-punk since 2009’s Cosmic Lightning comp, J.T. IV strikes back! 15 unheard-of tracks found on an obscure cassette…


Title Format Cat # Date
The Future 2xLP/MP3/FLAC DC842 /GZD#17 2023
Cosmic Lightning LP & DVD/FLAC/MP3 DC378 /GZD-001 2008
"The Monitors" (under pseudonym Frankenstein) 7" R-006 1988
Cosmic Lightning LP R-005 1987
"The Monitors" (1978 vers) 7" R-004 1987
"A Fix of Rock & Roll" (unreleased) 7" R-003 1985
"Destructo Rock" 7" R-002 1980
"Waiting for the CTA" 7" R-001 1980