Alan Licht

Alan Licht - credit: Bryony McIntyre

Bryony McIntyre

Alan Licht

An Emotional Memoir of Martha Quinn

Some rock-geek described Licht's tome thusly: "A thoughtful and entertaining look at how music and culture infect ("cross-pollinate?") each other, Alan Licht's An Emotional Memoir of Martha Quinn succeeds…


Title Format Cat # Date
Currents LP VDSQ 2015
Four Years Older LP Editions Mego 2013
YMCA LP Family Vineyard 2009
A New York Minute 2xCD XI 2003
An Emotional Memoir of Martha Quinn PB Book/eBook DC213 2002
Plays Well CD Crank Automotive 2001
"(Won't You Take Me To) Niketown" (split with DJ Spooky) 10" EP Manifold 2000
Rabbi Sky CD Siltbreeze 1999
Gerry Miles (also w/Haino Keiji) CD Atavistic 1997
The Evan Dando of Noise? CD Corpus Hermeticum 1997
Sink the Aging Process LP Siltbreeze 1996
Tudor City (w/Max Factory) LP Ecstatic Yod 1995
"Calvin Johnson Has Ruined Rock for an Entire Generation" 7" 18-Wheeler 1994
"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (split w/ Handful of Dust) 7" Crank Automotive 1994