Will Oldham

Will Oldham - credit: Photo by Ryo Mitamura

Photo by Ryo Mitamura


Title Format Cat # Date
Shorty's Ark HC Book DC1121B /PR73 2023
Songs of Love and Horror LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC726 /PR65 2018
"Garden of Evil" flexi Pigeon Press 2015
Seafarers Music 12"EP/CDEP DC261 2004
Amalgamated Sons of Rest (w/ Alasdair Roberts & Jason Molina) 12"EP/CDEP GLX16 2002
"Forest Time" (w/ photo book by Eric Wesselo) 10" EP Artimo 2002
All Most Heaven 12"EP/CDEP/FLAC/MP3 DC123 2000
Guarapero / Lost Blues 2 2xLP/CD DC111 /PR15 2000
Ode Music 12"EP/CDEP DC183 2000
Black/Rich Music 12"EP/CDEP DC100 1998
In My Mind 7" PR18 1997
Patience 7" DC118 /PR16 1997
Western Music CDEP aff002 1997
"Ebb's Folly" (on Dutch Harbor OST) CD Atavistic 1997
Every Mother's Son 7" DC83 /PR9 1996