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posted October 19th, 2020

Reach out from your isolation! Reach for the sound of others. That's what Circuit des Yeux is asking of us. Until now, her sound world has been defined by relentless expansion. Reaching For Indigo and Reaching For Indigo : GAIA INFINITUS served notice: Haley Fohr is deploying her four-octave voice with an ever-emboldened focus into an epic landscape of music, desiring to travel ever further into a country of her own making.  

In isolation, however, she has found herself reaching for the sound of others - and... (read more)

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posted October 16th, 2020

Saturday, October 17 (yes, tomorrow) will mark the long-promised return to the live arena for Jackie Lynn, when they stage a virtual concert at Chicago community staple, The Hideout! This is the album release party for the extremely powerful record,  Jacqueline (available now), which has sent tracks like "Shugar Water", "Odessa" and "Dream Street" spinning into the twilight of glittering dancefloors, roadside stops and bedrooms alike all around the globe.  Jackie Lynn is calling to you: tear off your mask and become another person for a... (read more)

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posted October 15th, 2020

The people of this world are capable - and culpable - of great harm. Of great healing too! In this power lineup (saxes and flutes included), The Silence guide the listener through a unique sequence of electric meditations to reorient your perspective with an eye toward expelling the harshness from your soul. And with the help provided by incendiary psychedelic guitars, burning a to path to emancipation never sounded so good!

Inspired by a Doors lick, The Silence get their own portrait of modern... (read more)

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posted October 13th, 2020

From the summer of '75 to spring '76, Anthony Moore was in and out of the studios, along with producer Peter Jenner (from Blackhill), working with some of Britain's finest musicians and engineers at legendary facilities like Abbey Road and Richard Branson's Oxfordshire getaway The Manor, to produce the eleven tracks that make up OUT. But when fate took a turn in the form of a sudden change of the guard in the Virgin front office, the resulting treasure trove of songs was buried, exhumation scheduled... (read more)

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posted October 5th, 2020

Dope Body continues to crash open frontiers of wildly imagined and ephemeral sound-froth with new singles from their forthcoming Crack A Light LP. The rec's a non-stop, all-out assault, crashing rock after rock through glass houses everywhere in a hail of ragers: righteous, extravagant and introspective.

With "Mutant Being", the future glides forth on a wave of drones, before sliding down a murky slope of distorto-shred and into dubby, post-PIL slow jam space. Weaving threads of dread, then blowing the roof off the Thunderdome with the chorus, "Mutant... (read more)

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posted October 2nd, 2020

Saturday, October 17th marks the long-promised return to the live arena for Jackie Lynn, when they stage a virtual concert at Chicago community staple The Hideout! This album release party celebrates Jacqueline (available now), which has sent tracks like “Shugar Water”, “Odessa” and “Dream Street” spinning into the twilight of glittering dance floors, roadside stops and bedrooms alike all around the globe.

Jackie Lynn is calling to you: tear off your mask and become another person for a night from the comfort of... (read more)

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posted October 2nd, 2020

On January 9, 2020 - the day after the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, an event featuring 'Old Hickory', Andrew Jackson, the genocidal hero of one of Putin's main bitches, the heel of the deal squatting in the White House - Mayo T. & The Corky Band played the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Two songs from the set struck us as timely - "Worried Worried", with an updated second verse focused on the occult personality mentioned above - and a fresh arrangement... (read more)

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posted September 28th, 2020

Oh boy. 2020..."Don't complain, don't explain", right? But in the six years since since Magik Markers  Surrender To The Fantasy, lots happened!  2020 was meant as a sweet'n'sour commentary on this already-incisive year way before COVID and everything else; now, the Markers' time-stamped album statement is poised to hit even harder, its exterior further textured by coarse residue of the glue that binds us all together. Fortunately, the music in this statement doubles as a timeless demonstration of what John Shaw, Pete Nolan and Elisa Ambrogio do best:... (read more)

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Dominique Knowles' The Sun Sinks at Soccer Club Club

posted September 22nd, 2020

"I remember being home and just watching a storm from the horizon
Walk over like a cloak of death
The rain was so thick that it looked like another cloud, a phantom
Though other clouds near it would cause the sun’s light to bounce off of it,
And create a different light
It’s strange seeing a sunset and a storm together
Soon the storm reaches the land and you’re in the rain,
All under the glow of
... (read more)

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posted September 21st, 2020

Lama Lobsang Palden and Jim Becker's forthcoming Compassion delivers a universal message through the only otherworldly methods that are available to man that don't involve destroying life as we know it. It's simple - just listen to and feel sounds of third single, "Blessings", Lama's voice, chants and percussion join with Becker's eclectic production, with layers of overdubs transmitting deep overtones to strengthen a peaceful atmosphere. 

Jim's deep musical ability is on full... (read more)

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