Michael Yonkers

Michael Yonkers

Jim Woehrle & Michael Yonkers

Borders of My Mind

1973: Ringing and natural reverberations bouncing back and forth between old musical mates Yonkers and Jim Woehrle. The limitations of monophonic home recording render the performances with rare air…


Title Format Cat # Date
Borders of My Mind LP/MP3/FLAC DC579 /GZD-010 2014
Michael Lee Yonkers LP/MP3/FLAC DC580 /GZD-011 2014
Lovely Gold LP/MP3/FLAC DC428 /GZD-004 2010
It's Only Yonkers LP Galactic Zoo/Eclipse 2004
Microminiature Love LP/CD De Stijl/Sub Pop 2002
Thy Will Be Done LP self-released 1976
Goodby Sunball LP self-released 1974
Grimwood LP self-released 1974
Michael Lee Yonkers LP self-released 1974
Borders of My Mind LP self-released 1974