Rafael Toral

Rafael Toral - credit: Photographer unknown

Photographer unknown

Rafael Toral

Spectral Evolution

Rafael Toral returns to the electric guitar after a decade-plus in his “Space Program,” composing only with self-built electronic modules. Here, the unique compositional fronts of guitar and electronics crush together in a powerful new synthesis,…


Title Format Cat # Date
Spectral Evolution LP/CD/MP3/FLAC M14 2024
Wave Field LP/MP3/FLAC DC702 2018
Sound Mind Sound Body (30th Anniversary Edition) 2xLP/MP3/FLAC DC701 2018
Saturn CD Pássara Vago 2018
Space Solo 2 CD Staubgold 2017
Moon Field CD Room 40 2017
Live in Minneapolis (w/Davu Seru) CD Clean Feed 2012
LOVE - Rafael Toral Plays John Cage MP3/FLAC Noise Precision Library 2012
Space Elements Vol. III LP/CD Taiga/Staubgold 2011
Space Elements Vol. II LP/CD Taiga/Staubgold 2010
Space LP Taiga 2008
Space Solo 1 LP Taiga 2008
Space Elements Vol. I LP/CD Taiga/Staubgold 2008
Space Solo 1 CD Quecksilber 2007
Space CD Staubgold 2006
Harmonic Series 2 CD Headz 2004
Engine - Live in Paris CD Touch 2003
Electric Babyland / Lullabies CD Tomlab 2003
Harmonic Series LP LP Table of the Elements 2003
Early Works CD Tomlab 2002
Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance LP/CD Touch/Staubgold 2001
Sound Mind Sound Body (US Version) CD M7 2000
Cyclorama Life 3 CDEP Tomlab 2000
Lullabies 7" Meeuw Musak 1999
Wave Field (US Version) CD dex14 1998
Aeriola Frequency CD Perdition Plastics 1998
Chasing Sonic Booms CD Ecstatic Peace! 1997
Wave Field CD Moneyland 1995
Sound Mind Sound Body CD Ananana 1994