SK Kakraba

SK Kakraba - credit: Photographer: Cameron Stallones

Photographer: Cameron Stallones

SK Kakraba


YONYE is a collection of solo recordings made shortly after SK Kakraba's relocation to America.

In his words:
"The songs on this album are Lobi traditional music from


Title Format Cat # Date
Yonye LP/MP3/FLAC SA038 2015
The Hunting of the Sun Ark LP Bundle SA038/SA039 2015
SK Kakraba Band Cass Holy Page 2013
Xylophone Music of Ghana CD Pentatonic Press 2002
Songs of Paapieye LP/CD Awesome Tapes From Africa


SK Kakraba Lobi is a Master Xylophonist from Ghana, the nephew of Master Xylophonist Kakraba Lobi. SK is a Master of the Gyil, which means he is both an instrument maker and a virtuoso performer. The Gyil is the Ghanaian Xylophone, and the primary instrument of the Lobi, Sisala, and Dagara people of Northern Ghana. It is constructed of 14 wooden slats suspended over calabash gourds that have been fitted with resonators. SK was an instructor of the gyil at the International Centre for African Music and Dance at the University of Ghana, but has recently moved to Los Angeles, CA. SK has performed at festivals in Europe and the Middle East, and he has toured West Africa and America.

SK KAKRABA also BUILDS GYILS and OFFERS LESSONS, for more info click here: