Bill Nace

Bill Nace - credit: Photo: Ryan Collerd

Photo: Ryan Collerd

Bill Nace

Through a Room

Using the looped-and-screwed methodology of Both, Nace takes a seismic step, building the process into a larger compositional process, employing guitar plus tapes, hurdy gurdy, doughnut pipe, quelle est


Title Format Cat # Date
Through a Room LP/MP3/FLAC DC852 2022
Both LP/MP3/FLAC DC737 2020
Live at #6 (w/Susan Alcorn, Chris Corsano) LP Open Mouth 2019
Live in Belchertown (w/Samara Lubelski) LP Open Mouth 2019
Clips LP Ultra Eczema 2019
Sound for Andy Warhol's KISS (w/Kim Gordon, Steve Gunn, John Truscinski) 2xLP The Andy Warhol Museum 2019
Samara Lubelski / Bill Nace LP/CD Open Mouth 2018
Live at No Response (w/James Twig Harper, John Olson) Cass No Response 2018
Mystic Beings (w/Chris Corsano, Steve Baczkowski) LP Open Mouth 2018
Live at Dreamland (w/James Twig Harper) LP Open Mouth 2018
These (w/Paul Flaherty & Chris Corsano) LP Open Mouth 2017
I Can't Repay You (w/Steve Baczkowski) LP Open Mouth 2016
Live at Disjecta (w/Greg Kelley) LP Open Mouth 2016
Stolen Car (w/Steve Baczkowski & Chris Corsano) LP Golden Lab Records 2015
Live at Stone (w/Okkyung Lee & Chris Corsano) LP Open Mouth 2015
One End to the Other (w/Wally Shoup, Greg Campbell, Greg Kelley) LP Open Mouth 2015
Wrong Number (w/Dredd Foole, Steve Baczkowski, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty) LP Open Mouth 2014
I Can Repay You (w/Steve Baczkowski) LP Open Mouth 2014
Last Notes (w/Joe McPhee & Thurston Moore) LP Open Mouth 2013
Scratch (w/Jooklo Duo) LP Holidays Records 2012
No, The Sun (w/Paul Flaherty) LP Open Mouth 2011
Broken Staircase (w/Paul Flaherty & Laila Salins) CD Wet Paint Music 2011
Too Dead for Dreaming LP 8mm Records 2010
An Airless Field (w/Paul Flaherty) LP Ecstatic Peace! 2010
Live in Buffalo (w/Steve Baczkowski) LP 8mm Records 2010
Untitled (w/Paul Flaherty & Thurston Moore) CD Ecstatic Peace! 2008