Doin' it Cats and Doggy Style!

posted August 3rd, 2010

Well sorta - we're not talkin' about gaining entry from the rear nor Snoop Dogg nor the lame-ass new film Cats and Dogs that's gonna have all your kids acting like full on tards for days on end 'til the next bit of animation garbage comes out of LaLa land - HELL NO! We're talking about Trux people, ROYAL TRUX.

August 24th 2010 sees the re-release of the Trucker's 4th seminal recording Cats and Dogs. Back in '93 (when some of you were still shitting your diapers and suckling from yo mama's teets), Rolling Stone magazine called Cats and Dogs the missing link between the Stones' "Exile on Main Street" and Sonic Youths' "Daydream Nation". And since Rolling Stone is completely irrelevant, we're here to tell you that this record is the missing link between Royal Trux's 3rd (untitled) LP and their major label debut, Thank You. In other words, the complete soundtrack to your hazy, grunge-filled August-- and beyond!

Oh, in addition to the record, save your greenbacks for a "Cats and Dogs" T-SHIRT that will be available in EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES! - The King and Queen are back in the kingdom to rule your asses once again!

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