David Grubbs, Theoretical Guru

posted November 3rd, 2010

You know David Grubbs the musician. Do you know Grubbs the educator? Sure you do! Didn't those Gastr del Sol records school yer ass-mind on the possibilities of pop music as modern art? And that was the 90s. Since then, he's had an edifying solo career and in addition to being a musician to this very day, he happens to be a professor at Brooklyn College and CUNY as well, where he's forever honing his curricular skills on each new generation of malleable young minds.

Clearly such advancements, combined with his rich personal application in all phases of thought-provoking music, make his co-organization of "Theoretical Music: No Wave, New Music, and the New York Art Scene, 1978-1983" totally obvious! Taking place at Brooklyn's ISSUE Project Room, "Theoretical Music" is a three-day event detailing the art, music and cinema scenes of downtown Manhattan, 1978-1983. Tonight there's a rare screening of James Nares' no wave epic, Rome '78; tomorrow will host a panel discussion from notable luminaries of the scene (panel two moderated by Mr. Grubbs); Friday concludes with an extremely rare concert performance by original downtown-scenester no wavers, Ut. Attend the event, then revisit some of the many David Grubbs-related albums... everything will suddenly make a whole lotta sense!

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