posted November 5th, 2010

At last we know what's behind the mask! Harmony Korine's latest film, Trash Humpers, just can't stay out of trouble. First it got nixed by popular movie rental site Netflix as not being representative of family values. Yeah, maybe 50s family values! Today's domestic situations are much more "liberated" than all that, Netflix! Anyway, that's last week's news. This weeks? Trash Humpers copycat killers. I mean, what would you call this guy? I mean, sure, he didn't kill anybody, but he's really ripping off Trash Humpers - as well as breaking international laws of some kind. Some people are that into it - ripping off Trash Humpers, that is. If you're not one of those people yet, you can order the DVD from good ol' Drag City anytime now. But you're not getting any younger, so...step it up!

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