posted May 10th, 2011

Baby Dee's Regifted Light continues to shine in every which-was-way e'er since we released it! The piano playin' and singin' marvel has pushed the envelope with her powerhouse band 'cross the eastern US of A for the last coupla weeks. She be blowin' minds with that strong left hand and deft touch, no doubt! Plus, the seasoned way that she and her band slam the pieces together with crunch and brio while working off of written arrangements - this sort of muscle usually isn't delivered from chart-readers. It's not just impressive, it's fun. What better way to celebrate things therefore than with a culminating party-down, home-style?

Well, Dee be doin' jus' dat, literally! Yup, this Thursday, May 12th, 30 lucky folks get to get their git on over at Baby Dee's actual house! Now's you're chance to see n' hear the real concert grand piano Dee played when recording her new album, and, if you've got yer wits, you may catch some flesh-whiff of the gifter of said piano (and Regifted Light producer), Andrew WK. He, along with a film crew from FADER TV, are s'posed to be in attendance.

This party pretty much be sold out, but if you're quick enough perhaps you can sneak in the backdoor with the last remaining ticket! Or find a SRO section in the flowerbed outside the picture window in the living room! Just email: to try.