posted July 12th, 2011

Drag City remains and forever will be the label of the people-- shooting beers, pounding shots and generally loosening up after a hard day's night in the salt (and/or coal-) mines, just like the rest of you. Our artists generally agree; if you're drinking right now, it's likely that AZITA is saddled up right next to ya, Amstel Light in hand! Especially if you're at the Rainbo Club here in Chicago, up around the bend from DCHQ. Conveniently (for her), AZITA plays a free show at the Rainbo tomorrow night at 8:30PM. Amongst other things, she's sure to kick out some jams from her latest album, Disturbing The Air, which comes out in September. Drinking, new music you don't have to pay for, hangin' with your clan-- it's like Christmas in July. Just don't get fucked up enough to try and sit on AZITA's lap, ok? Santa bites!

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