posted August 5th, 2011

As promised, our epic Sean O'Hagan / Van Dyke Parks Skype-hang rolls on with big Part Two — and this episode's gonna twist your knickers! Song Cycle freaks need to drop in, just to see Van Dyke brandish a precious item from his archives: Randy Newman's hand-written score for his classic tune "Vine Street" (immortalized by VDP on his first record, Song Cycle) !!!!!!!!! Sean goes deep into his own back-story and reveals his unlikely roots playing in "punk-funk" bands (until hearing the SMiLE sessions at age 21 changed everything). The maestros bond over the "rare and beautiful" joys of mixing on an all-analog board before Sean divulges how he gets that classic Joe Osborn bass sound on the Llamas' latest masterwerk Talahomi Way. Sean O'Hagan and Van Dyke Parks, wrasslin through the skypey worm-hole! As Van Dyke would (and does) say, "Music is not for sissies!" So don't be one. Grow a pair and watch part two of this timeless talk between two of pop music's most musical masterminds. Parks and O'Hagan, together again - for the first time!