posted September 2nd, 2011

AZITA, here with us all seasons, has embraced the turning leaves, put her fall foot forward, and harvested a brand new album of piano songs, Disturbing the Air. It's been since 2009's How Will You that we last heard an album proper from the Chicago songstress, and that is simply too long for someone with such finely constructed tunes and such command over the performances of same. AZITA can't help it - as a talented artist, she's remained busy, complete with stints acting and singing in musicals in the interim while completing the tunes for her latest. And such tunes! Disturbing The Air, comprised of songs of the self, reaches out to all as an invocation to realize your own selves, and put your selves into the greater collective self-perspective. Sound trippy? It kind of is! But the songs'll move ya, that much is undeniable.

Anyway, AZITA is poised to break down 2011 in anticipation of 2012, when recognition of the self will be of utmost importance. In doing so, expect to see her hit the club, via the road, near you. Expect to see her lots of places, as we're expecting great things ourselves, of our selves and her self. And your self. Expect the air to be laced with AZITA, disturbing it as it where, everywhere you go this fall season. Disturbing The Air breaks out into the open on September 20, 2011!

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