posted September 7th, 2011

Good news comes in twos, especially from the Source Family. For those of you who want to fly your "I love the 70's religio-cults" flag front and center, we've got just the item for you - two times, thanks to those loveable Aquarian freaks from the Source Family. As you know, it's been thirty-six years since their leader, Father Yod, passed from his body, which led to the dispersal of YaHoWha's sons and daughters across the face of the earth, leaving behind their legacy of self-released albums (along with the joy of all those who they met over their years together). Over the past ten years or so, there's been a lot light shed on the story of the Source Family, with the reissue of their LPs and the release of a book and a documentary film recalling the days of their spiritual commune. We've got a ton of music and writing here, as well as a few copies of the DVD release of Re-Visiting Father and the Source Family. But that's not all! Shirts! We've got Source Family shirts! And that's where the very special number "two" comes in. Because we've got two new shirts! And not only that, but both of them are double-sided! One we call the "Starman" shirt - a family portrait on the front and an astrological symbol on the back. The other was conceived of by the crone herself, Isis Aquarian (in collaboration with Kim Seltzer) - again a double-sided image, showing two sides of the eternal battle between good and evil. It's a hoot!

You can buy these shirts here now. And look for more things of all kinds from the Source Family soon.