posted September 8th, 2011

Criss-crossing over the Atlantic fresh off his home-run tour of the USA, Six Organs of Admittance and clan (you may not actually "see" the clan, but trust us, those fetishists are there) landed today in Portugal, where they'll take on the crowds of Porto and Lisbon the next two days. Historically Portugal and Six Organs have had a super chill relationship - 'member the song, "Lisboa," from School of The Flower? Yeah, that's Lisboa, Portugal, little dogie. But maybe you knew that, anyway! As in, anyway, it's a sweet little homecoming for what has been a righteous Asleep On The Floodplain campaign. Abraços para todos!

Following a week of arcano Portuguese, Six Organs is admitted to Italy, where, amongst other things, he'll perform the score he wrote for the adult film, The Drifter. At a screening of the film, no less! If that doesn't end things with a bang, well, we guess everyone's simply going home with a full-on rager! Toccarlo!

9/9/11 Culturgest Porto Porto Portugal
9/10/11 Teatro Maria Matos Lisboa Portugal
9/17/11 Circolo Caracol Pisa Italy
9/18/11 Blah Blah Torino Italy Performing the soundtrack to “The Drifter”

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