posted February 8th, 2012

Drag City types love all the fan mail you folks send in on a daily basis; it's our mission to ignore more pressing matters and respond to each and every letter received in timely fashion, gold pens in hand. Sure, we're used to the blood-scrawl of many an inmate, and always pass each of those tear-jerkers on to the artist to which they're directed. Most exciting are the letters full of mystery and intrigue to which we're obligated to investigate. Below is an excerpt from one such received:

"right after 2012 kicked in, I was out trippin around and hooked up with some guys; they said they knew somebody who knew somebody, and before you know it, we were at the Poor Shelter where lots of Bonny Billy records get made. Tusi wasn't around, and there was a piece of paper nailed to the wall by the recording machine with a list of words on it. I know WOLFROY pretty well by now, and I could match ten of the titles to songs on Wolfroy, but waht's the other two?" -Mink Trabue

Days later, some tapes arrived. You guessed it, two tracks. The tapes for what we now call, "The B-Sides For Time To Be Clear," a Wolfroy-riding pal and companion piece necessary for you wax-heads (7", (s)natch) and digi-fucks (downloadable, with "Time To Be Clear') alike. So there you go, Mink - mystery solved! Grab it like a preorder now, on site!

Artists in this story: Bonnie "Prince" Billy