posted March 5th, 2012

Sandy Bull glided from raga to classical and back through the acid rock swamp in his all too short days as a master slinger of guitar and guitar-like instruments; his four records for Vanguard are blueprints for anyone working on a freaky guitar sound and a dream, passing through modal drone territories with guitar, oud, and banjo that predate the gen-pop of modern rockers' fascination with eastern sounds by many years. His followers in the day were as big as The Beatles and Hunter S. Thompson, yet he fit in quite well with Bay-Area hippie types with whom he acclimated, following his Vanguard work and a brief absence from the music world, in the mid-70s. His output held close to the chest by those in the know, it's freaking awes to able to present the world with another tasty morsel for aural enjoyment, Sandy Bull & The Rhythm Ace, Live 1976, out March 27th on Galactic Zoo Disk/Drag City. Representing Bull's expanded musical pallet, Live 1976 is a killer slab of sun-fried oud workouts, folk sounds, and classic examples of his love of the overdub as accompaniment (many instruments are prerecorded for backing tracks), backed up by the wacky sounds of the Rhythm Ace drum machine. It's a must have for Sandy heads, fans of classic sunny sounds of the era, and perky ears of now and future. Take a ride with the Bull, doode- listen to a preview track from Sandy Bull & The Rhythm Ace, Live 1976!

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