posted April 3rd, 2012

Sweet Billy Callahan, he moves us like we've never had a movement before. Where'd he come from, so fully formed and with this cover of Mickey Newbury's "Heaven Help The Child?" More or less, he came from our world, a world fit for discharging ripping cover versions of classics from another era, just as hot as if they were new Calla-riginals. Yep, his is one side of a 7-inch that includes the hard-to-beat Mickey original take on the other. That 7" is ready for your sweaty mits and dusty turntables (and vice versas)! Since you've heard us ramp all about it before - just know that it's here and go git it and git it on! Also let us now officially share with you Bill Callahan's video for "Heaven Help The Child!"

Bill Callahan "Heaven Help The Child" from Drag City on Vimeo.

Artists in this story: Bill Callahan, Mickey Newbury