posted April 5th, 2012

We live in a world of non-duality. Things that seem separate, though distinct, are actually connected, as one, with the universe. We're set to release the new album from OM, Advaitic Songs, this coming July. Advaitic Songs is distinct from, yet linked with, 2009's God Is Good - while it maintains the singularity of purpose that informs the core sound of OM, every element of Advaitic Songs reaches further than before - it's the band's most focused, expansive, and imaginative document to date! We could tell you more about its awesomeness, and we will - but what we have already said is all we're going to introduce into this time we call the present. At least, the present as you know it; Drag City being a canine with an astral sense of smell, our present includes the future and the past. Holding back on aspects of the future is a holy thing for the likes of us record-label people! Here's another, potentially more relevant truth for you masses: OM has just begun a huge European tour, and that's a present we can all agree upon as one of life's greatest gifts! Catch them in the following town centres now:

4/5/12 Nosturi Helsinki, Finland
4/6/12 Strand Etablissemang Stockholm, Sweden
4/7/12 Truckstop Alaska Gothenburg, Sweden
4/8/12 Inkost Malmo, Sweden
4/9/12 Cafe Glocksee Hannover, Germany
4/10/12 Berghain Berlin, Germany
4/11/12 Hafenklang Hamburg, Germany
4/12/12 Roadburn Festival Tilburg, Netherlands
4/15/12 La Maroquinerie Paris, France
4/16/12 Confort Moderne Poitiers, France
4/17/12 Azkena Bilbao, Spain
4/18/12 El Sol Madrid, Spain
4/19/12 Apolo 2 Barcelona, Spain
4/20/12 Saint Des Seins Toulouse, France
4/21/12 Caves du Manoir Martigny, France
4/22/12 Locomotiv Bologna, Italy
4/23/12 Circolo Degli Artisti Rome, Italy
4/24/12 Magnolia Milan, Italy
4/25/12 Club Schocken Stuttgart, Germany
4/26/12 Arena Vienna, Austria
4/27/12 UT Connewitz Leipzig, Germany
4/28/12 Oetinger Villa Darmstadt, Germany

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