posted May 2nd, 2012

Say, brother can you spare a dime? We've bet the Drag City farm on 2012 being a big year for Six Organs of Admittance and that leaves our dime-bag empty at present. But it's gonna come in a winner in time, don't you worry. Whether you inferred this already from our DC-prescribed daily digital horoscope or not, perhaps you're still too deeply consumed with yourself to realize any of the greater goals we, the human race, the denizens of Drag City, are meant to pursue together. Which is weird, because we've infiltrated most of the music you listen to, as well as the food you eat and the prophylactics you use, on a daily basis. Anyhow, we'll keep picking at it, for you. Warrior Ben Chasny's gonna keep it up, too. Like a restless space walker, Six Organs of Admittance is in constant, weightless motion. In fact, fresh off the debut 200 Years tour, Chasny's hurtling right towards Bologna as we speak! Albeit brief, American-born Six Organs of Admittance tours parts of the European continent over the next two weeks, with special acoustic performances as well as some collabs with Italy's Starfuckers. Take note! These beginnings are an important wrinkle to the fabric of our shared universe which will surely make honest sense to you in the not-too distant future. Meantime, warp your head around these dates:

5/5/12 Locomotiv Bologna Italy w/ Starfuckers
5/6/12 Motel Salieri Rome Italy Matinee show - 4pm
5/7/12 Btomic La Spezia Italy
5/9/12 United Club Turin Italy
5/12/12 Le Botanique Brussels Belgium
5/14/12 De Kreun Kortrijk Belgium w/Sir Richard Bishop and James Blackshaw

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