posted May 7th, 2012

Tour diaries are integral artifacts for musicians and music fans alike. Often consumed as literature in book form, like that of the self-publishing, Morrison-of-the-80s former 'Flag front person, or as online hoot-action like that of fellow SST graduate Watt, they're literal indulgences by and for maniacs struggling through a universe they simultaneously strive to conquer, embrace, and avoid. Not to say that OM are maniacs, or struggling in anyway! But they're certainly a conquering force, simultaneously embracing all in their path - physical and spiritual. Thankfully, they've indulged us maniacs with that magic artifact: back from their European crusade, these OMbres built a magnificent tour diary for all you heads to freak on - video style! There appear to be 7 entries, and while the 1st and 2nd may've moved to another realm, 3-7 are all there for viewing. We always start at the end - don't you? Watch episode 7 below, then work your way to the front! Oh, and watch out for Advaitic Songs, coming July 24th!

Artists in this story: OM