posted July 2nd, 2012

For years, The Lowbrow Reader has made sporadic leaps off the printed page and onto the stage, but never once outside the dolorous (but friendly) confines of old New York city. But this time, fuck New York! Aw, don't be so sensitive, Big Appleites! All we are saying is that this l'il bit o' news really only concerns the heavenly bodies of the greater Chicagoland area! Because see, on Thursday, July 5, the Lowbrow Reader Variety Hour takes a giant leap for mankind into the majestic folds of Chicago's The Hideout. Yes, Drag City proudly presents: The Lowbrow Reader Reader's Variety Hour Hour!

As is natural for any LRRVHH anywhere, the show rolling into the Hideout will center around some of the Lowbrow Reader’s favorite local produce, those Rham-windy-city talents of Chicago: musics from guitar-wielding Ezra Furman and piano-wielding Daniel Knox! Side-splitting (or re-stitching, depending on your current status) stand-up comedian Charlie Bury as well as side-(of-head-)scratching short readings by two of The Lowbrow Reader Reader’s all-star contributors: Jay Jennings and Marsha Aronson Ruttenberg. Finally, some high class talent for all of our Lowbrow second-ass-city sensibilities. And all of yours too, naturally! For you too are invited. Lowbrow fanz + Drag City shills, all in one place - the right place for you, the right time being Thursday, July 5! Bring the last of your fireworks or the last of your fingers, it's a post-Independence Day celebration at The Hideout!

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