posted October 3rd, 2012

Whut the gut? Formerly Extinct is alive and well on the turntable, in record stores and in our minds, ever since Rangda sacrificially gave birth to it on September 18th. If you've got sum change burning a hole in your pocket, douse those flames by picking it up, you heathen! There was a boat and you missed it, ok? But here's another skiff for you to grab onta. Anywhere, the "So-Right-It's-Rangda" tour kicks off in Europe in, like, days, man! Did you lose track of that one, too? Missed the buzz? Well, fret not - there's still time to make to the show, the gig, the venue - whatever they call the club over there - and once you're in, these monster fucks will saw right through you with their violently precise surgical guitargasms, then pound your still quivering organs to dust like the sand you've mysteriously mistook as a safe place to bury your head. Don't just stand there, RUN (to the nearest one of these "venues," grab up some tix, and camp out to grab a front row seat for the blood-letting)! Don't get us wrong, duh, but Rangda are coming for ya!

10/6/12 Les Ateliers Claus Brussels Belgium
10/7/12 Merleyn Nijmegen Netherlands
10/8/12 Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands
10/9/12 Suedbahnhof Krefeld Germany
10/11/12 Chet Baker Club Bologna Italy
10/13/12 Kripta Torino Italy
10/14/12 Teatro La Spezia, Liguria Italy
10/15/12 Grrnd Zero Lyon France
10/17/12 Brudenell Social Club Leeds United Kingdom
10/18/12 Corsica Studios London United Kingdom
10/19/12 SWN Festival Cardiff United Kingdom
10/20/12 Supersonic Festival Birmingham United Kingdom

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