posted February 5th, 2013

Hey man, the life of a record extends well beyond its release, you know? And since we're still haunted by and jamming on the sounds of Silencio, last year's long playing classique from Laetitia Sadier, it's quite possible that you should, too! But don't jump off the bridge strictly on our account; instead, imagine the vast and varied areas of the world that have yet to take fresh and full stock in Sadier's sounds! The chantuese moderne takes her songs and dance outside of comfortable confines on a regular basis, as the next couple months prove: trying London-town, her current place of residence, by fire on Thursday, February 7th, Laetitia then sets her sights and flights towards the far-off and flaming southern hemisphere.

Yup, the ex-Lab'er takes a trip (with copies of her solo debut, The Trip, along for the rite as well, bien sûr) to South America, where it's all fun in the sun for everyone and no-one ever gets disappeared anymore, according to these travel brochures we picked up. Totally jealous? Us too - Chicago's gives London a run for it's shillings when it comes to dreary Februaries, yo. But we look good in green, so c'est ça. While we're stuck in the daily grind of spray tans and SAD-light boxes, Ms. Sadier gets to bask in the glowing, good ol' fashioned natural rays (rich with Vitamin D!) by day and rock the steaming stages of Chile (rich with the rush of E!) by night. Muy caliente! Following her colonial visit, it's right back to the olde worlde and a jaunt through Iberia. How's about that? How's about it keeps going with more touring in Germany to follow? Special secret insight says, Silencio please! Sadier's next The Trip to foriegn lands will be announced a bientôt!

2/7/13 The Water Rats London United Kingdom
2/20/13 Carpa Extensión CECS Valdivia Chile
2/22/13 Parque Cultural Valparaiso Chile
2/23/13 Museo de la Moda Santiago Chile
2/25/13 Boris Club Buenos Aires Argentina
3/14/13 Le Cool Barcelona Spain
3/15/13 La Alhóndiga Bilbao Spain
3/17/13 Planta Baja Granada Spain
3/18/13 Auditorio Y Centro de Congresos Victor Villegas Murcia Spain
3/20/13 Centro Cultural del Matadero Huesca Spain
3/21/13 Cultural Cordón Burgos Spain
3/22/13 Centro Cívico Río Ebro Zaragoza Spain
6/21/13 ATP Festival (curated by Deerhunter) Pontins, Camber Sands United Kingdom 21-23 June

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