posted April 2nd, 2013

Silencio is yours and ours to keep, OK? Truth out loud, Laetitia Sadier's got a bunch of things to say, despite the title of her latest album. That's why the Silencio tour continues so far and wide, across 3 major continents. It all began in North America last fall, when Laetitia performed complete with band in all the major and minor markets of these socioeconomically challenged United States. Things got realer as she then winged on over to London, gave it to the Queen, and completed a whirlwind tour of the UK and Ireland. Taking a break for a quick swim, Sadier has thus far tackled the Franc-ness of her homeland took a dip in Germany, skipped back to the southern hemisphere and South America, and boomeranged back to Iberia, all the while delivering trans-socio-political love song revelations to each with an ear. Who are we to derail this kind of tour-train? Naw! We just want you to hear about where it's going next: deep into the Roman Empire, Byzantium, and much of Deutschland. Very soon, we'll report on the depraved nooks and crannies Laetitia's skipped on the Silencio tour. Until then, allez go!

4/4/13 La Scuderia Bologna Italy
4/5/13 Tender Club Florence Italy
4/6/13 Circolo degli Artisti Rome Italy
4/7/13 Tnt Jesi Jesi (AN) Italy
4/10/13 Salon IKSV Istanbul Turkey
4/11/13 La Lomax Catania Italy
4/12/13 Lio Bar Brescia Italy Free show
4/13/13 Elita Festival (Teatro Parenti) Milan Italy
4/15/13 El Lokal Zurich Switzerland
4/17/13 K4 Nuremberg Germany
4/18/13 Manufaktur Schorndorf Germany
4/19/13 Beatpol Dresden Germany
4/20/13 Gleis 22 Munster Germany
4/23/13 Molotow Hamburg Germany
4/24/13 Zakk Dusseldorf Germany
6/21/13 ATP Festival (curated by Deerhunter) Pontins, Camber Sands United Kingdom 21-23 June

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